Silver Linings 


Vernissage: Fri Nov 20th 2015

Participating artists: Sandra Boeschenstein, André Catarino, Hannelore van Dijck, Andrew Gilbert, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Nathan Menglesis, Eli Skatvedt, Martin Skauen, Ino Varvariti, Maria Windschüttel, Witte Wartena and Sasha Zivkovic.

Curated by Witte Wartena and Eli Skatvedt

The Drawing Hub is a newly opened non-profit exhibition space in Berlin for contemporary drawing, focussing on the production and presentation of established and emerging artists for whom drawing is an important integral part of their professional practice. Providing a platform and the right context for emerging artists whose work, in our opinion deserve more attention, is important both to the curators and to The Drawing Hub, as well as the presentation of established artists. The exhibition presents twelve innovative artistic practices demonstrating the importance of drawing as an autonomous medium which continues to develop with relevance in our time.

People say every cloud has a silver lining, they say there is always light at the end of the tunnel or that humour can function as a defense mechanism in a time of crisis. The exhibition Silver Linings presents twelve artists returning to both dark humoured and at times even epic themes, linked to art history, story telling and the surreal, as well as to landscape, territory and memory. Whilst some artists mocks the art establishment or political correctness, such as Dionisis Kavallieratos, others blend mortality and religion into intense dark comedy seen in Nathan Menglesis’ drawings or they re-invents the classics such as Witte Wartena. Some artists refer to the landscape, in search of ruins and abandoned spaces, such as André Catarino, whilst others are tracing landscapes and memories, as seen in the work of Ino Varvariti. Hannelore van Dijck creates site-specific charcoal drawings which are both abstract and monumental. Eli Skatvedt plays with abstraction, text and symbolism, concerned with the surreal aspect of everyday life. Whilst some artists invite you into absurd spaces and interiors where characters are caught up in the oddest actions, such as Sandra Boeschenstein, others invite you into their darkest dreams, as seen in Maria Windschüttel’s work. Martin Skauen plays with taboos using a deeply comical touch. A comical aspect is also to be found in Andrew Gilbert’s work, which is concerned with eurocentricity and colonial war propaganda, whilst Sasha Zivkovic depicts office workers in hopeless situations and surreal actions, stranded on a deserted island, trying not to loose their dignity. ‘Cause there is always hope, there is always a silver lining.

The first exhibition of the Drawing Hub is kindly supported by:

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