Our mission

International network
The Drawing Hub sees itself a nodal point in an international network of similar initiatives that wishes to promote interchange between artists, curators, academics, collectors and art-lovers. A further focus of our activity lies in the cooperation between other national and international institutions.
Apart from the US, comparable European centres for drawing can be found in Norway, Belgium, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. The long-term goal of the Drawing Hub is the development of a Europe-wide network of national drawing organisations with the aim of encouraging discourse about the medium and of disseminating information.
Smaller and more flexible than larger public collections, the Hub is able to respond even at short notice to current questions around drawing with very different formats (exhibitions, lectures, discussions, symposia).

Contemporary drawing / planned projects
Beyond the boundaries of classical formats such as ink on paper, drawing has undergone a media emancipation in recent years. It has made spatial inroads, gone into installation, integrated film, photography and performance art, and is continually reinventing itself.
The declared aim of the Drawing Hub is to offer these various manifestations of contemporary drawing a theoretical platform and a practical exhibition setting.

Databank / library
Along with the establishment of a reference library on the premises in Brunnenstra├če, the setting up of a comprehensive databank on contemporary drawing is also planned. This will collect relevant information on exhibitions, artists, collections, debates and publications on the subject, and make it available online to an interested public.

The exhibition programme will be developed in collaboration with international curators. It will feature both monographic and thematic exhibitions, as well as presentations of collections.

Another aspect of the programme is its cooperation with various universities, research institutes and art colleges. This will result in conferences, workshops and lectures.

Educational projects
In collaboration with schools and initiatives for young people, we would also like to enable younger generations to gain an advanced and extended access to contemporary drawing.