Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge

Born in 1968 in Berlin. Studies art history, history, theatre and film studies at the FU Berlin.
Texts on art and film for the Tagesspiegel and the Berlin section of the FAZ
Gallery assistant
2003–2015 director of the gallery fruehsorge contemporary drawings
Cooperation with international drawing institutions, collections and projects: C4RD, London, Drawing Room London, Drawing Center Diepenheim, NL, FUKT – Magazine for Drawing, the Big Draw, Anonyme Zeichner, Sarah-Ann and Werner H. Kramarsky Collection, NYC, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Editor and author of publications on drawing, including ‘Biliographie zur Zeichnung’, in Kunstformum International, vol. 196
Has been on the advisory board of the Graphische Gesellschaft zu Berlin for several years.