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The video Cenit tells a love story that is a metaphor for the celestial moment when the sun casts no shadow. Spinoza’s Ethics and an archaeological examination of Aztec ruins serve as the point of departure for a theory of reality and emotions. In Asef’s view, reconstructing and representing real space in the mind draws on the same mental processes used for constructing the idea of love and happiness. Accordingly, wandering the earth induces an emotional experience that prompts the main character of Cenit to search for the geographical point of happiness.

Cenit and Asef’s body of work generally are characterized by a vitalist position. His work proceeds from the observation that life is a constant act. Asef sees life as the ceaseless task of maintaining the heterogeneity of each of the innumerable particles comprising our organism, concentrated in a single body, but permeable and in constant interaction with the environment. All human activities, from mathematics, archeology, art, economics, etc. are expressions of this essential task, the struggle between the union and dissolution of the parts.

Mario Asef’s artistic works develop—as he himself states—out of “the illusory construction of social reality.” Mario Asef’s works are divided into three thematic categories: the realm of public space, the construction of which is language-based, the realm of history and writing about history as mediated reality construct, and the realm of scientific methods. His photographs, diagrams, videos, texts, and interventions in public space all deal with the legibility of normative orders that extend beyond purely grammatical micro-urban codes and which simultaneously integrate utopian and ideology-critical gestures. Mario Asef uses these normative orders to develop a methodology that combines causality with happenstance, pushing things into absurdity.

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