About us

In recent times hardly any other artistic medium has enjoyed such a remarkably positive re-evaluation as the drawing. A hitherto unseen expansion can be detected, both in the number of artists working in the medium and in the spectrum of their graphic forms of expression. But at the same time, it appears, this serious increase in significance has not been given its proper due. There are numerous excellent graphic collections in the German-speaking countries, but until now there has been no centre in Germany devoted to the presentation and research of contemporary drawing. The Drawing Hub has given itself the task of closing this gap and of supplementing and supporting public-sector institutions as a private initiative. The Drawing Center, founded in 1977 in New York, and similar spaces in London, Norway or the Netherlands, serve as models for the Berlin Drawing Hub, which was founded on the initiative of the art historian Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge, who ran a gallery specialising in drawing for over twelve years in Berlin. The Drawing Hub has been in existence as a non-profit organisation since summer 2015.